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July 2015 Archives

Protecting the rights of victims of coal mine accidents

West Virginia residents who work in the coal and mining industry have the right to a safe and productive work environment. While there are certain inherent risks to mining, that does not diminish the rights of those who have been injured in coal mine accidents. Our team understands how to protect these rights and entitlements, fighting for the compensation needed for a victim and family to have a full and fair recovery. 

Recent motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia: 4 hospitalized

Although motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia can happen in the blink of an eye, the results can have lasting effects. When individuals are involved in motor vehicle accidents, they are sometimes able to walk away with minor injuries. However, it is all too often the case that serious injuries -- or worse -- result from a crash.

Occupants can be ejected on impact in motor vehicle accidents

On a recent Tuesday, just before 7 p.m., a car accident took place on a West Virginia highway. When motor vehicle accidents occur, the force of the impact sometimes causes one or more vehicle occupants to be ejected from their seats. Such was the case in the recent incident on Robert C. Byrd Drive.

Decreasing the number of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents

Just recently, West Virginia enacted a law that imposes new, harsher penalties for certain drivers who cause serious accidents while drunk. It is hoped that by imposing these new penalties, it will reduce the overall number of motor vehicle accidents related to drunk driving. At this point, drunk driving causing death is now a felony in the state. 

Preventing motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles

As West Virginia bikers already know, individuals who are on a motorcycle are at a higher risk for injury in the event of a car accident. Motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles often result in serious injuries, such as road rash, head trauma and broken bones. Fortunately, raising safety awareness and training drivers to safely share the road may be effective in reducing the number of these types of accidents. 

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