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Toxic exposure lawsuits sometimes arise in situations affecting large numbers of people. Recent examples in West Virginia included:

  • Lawsuits against American Electric Power regarding exposure to dangerous chemicals from coal waste
  • Lawsuits against Freedom Industries regarding spillage into the Elk River of a chemical foam used to purify coal

In both clusters of cases, injuries affected many people among the general public.

Other toxic exposure cases arise from one-time events affecting one person or just a few people. Workplace injuries caused by exposure to toxic fumes or chemicals may involve solitary workers or small groups of workers in one location. Toxic exposure injuries are common in the aviation industry, coal mining, the fracking industry and manufacturing settings.

Whether your case is unique and personal or will join hundreds or thousands of similar lawsuits after a toxic exposure incident, Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler, PLLC, is well-prepared to advise and advocate for you. Our experience includes recovery of compensation for many individuals who had suffered respiratory injuries, skin conditions, burn injuries and brain damage — all caused by exposure to hazardous substances on the job or elsewhere.

Our attorneys welcome the opportunity to evaluate the facts of your case and advise you on the most promising path forward. We can investigate the cause of your toxic exposure incident and represent you in a claim or lawsuit seeking compensation for medical expenses and other losses.

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