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Errors linked to blasting in coal mine accidents

Workers in the mining industry in West Virginia risk their lives with every shift they work. Blasting-related coal mine accidents are preventable but continue to happen. The highly explosive methane gas trapped in between the coal layers could cause catastrophic coal dust explosions. Improper use of explosives, or mechanical errors like malfunctioning or improper use of mining tools, has claimed many mineworkers' deaths.

Workers must stand a safe distance away from the blast to avoid being struck by fly-rocks, which have caused many fatalities in the past. Improper planning of the explosion could also cause fly-rocks thrown farther than anticipated. Premature explosions can cause other dangerous circumstances. These are typically due to using degenerated explosives, faulty fuses, accidental percussion or plain carelessness.

Weather may give rise to increased motor vehicle accidents

It is Winter Weather Awareness Week, and some West Virginia residents have already had reason to worry. In parts of the state that have already seen snowfall and other inclement conditions, residents are quickly reminded about the dangers that lurk. It is not unusual for motor vehicle accidents to increase during the winter months. 

Experts have compiled a list of tips that can help people stay safe. It is important to bear in mind that even though conditions may seem ok, weather can change quickly. Be aware of geographical factors, like a change in elevation, when preparing to venture out. West Virginia is nicknamed The Mountain State, and snow, ice and other hazards may begin at higher elevations before other areas see a drop or flake. 

Coal mine accidents not a thing of the past

West Virginia residents enjoy the benefits of modern technology on a daily basis. Modern technology can make life safer and can make many industries more efficient. Unfortunately, some industries are still incredibly dangerous for workers, and coal mines serve as a prime example. Coal mine accidents can even result in fatality. 

Though there have been some advances in safety, coal mine accidents are still a threat to workers. Miners are prone to lung diseases and other health troubles. Mines can also cave in or partially collapse. 

Animal sanctuary helps children who suffered personal injury

When a person is seriously injured, the physical and mental suffering can last for a very long time. Some victims may never make a full recovery. When a young child suffers a personal injury, he or she may require special care. West Virginia parents may feel saddened or overwhelmed at the thought that their child may never have a "normal" life. 

A special animal sanctuary hopes to change the way children who have suffered a serious injury or permanent disability are able to interact with the world around them. The sanctuary caters to children who are suffering from a physical or mental injury, making the animal exhibits accessible to children of all levels of ability. However, that isn't the only thing that sets the sanctuary apart from other attractions. 

AAA warns of motor vehicle accidents ahead of Halloween weekend

After months of being cooped up in the house, many West Virginia residents are looking forward to Halloween. This year, a rare full moon will cast a fittingly eerie glow over The Mountain State, and neighborhoods will once again be creeping and crawling with revelers of all ages. Recently, AAA has issued a warning about motor vehicle accidents, which is neither a trick nor a treat. 

While certainly not meant to discourage people from partaking in what many consider to be the official start of the "holiday season," the warning does illustrate a reality. According to AAA, the days leading up to and immediately following October 31 historically have a higher than average number of motor vehicle accidents. Several contributing factors may be to blame. 

Coal mine accidents make industry dangerous

Coal mining has been an influential industry in the United States for more than a century, and many West Virginia residents are still deeply entrenched in the coal industry. The hills of Appalachia are dotted with small towns and neighborhoods in which the local economy relies heavily on coal mining. The way big coal companies do business has evolved for the modern era, but for the average worker, coal mine accidents remain an ever-present danger. 

Distracted driving causes motor vehicle accidents

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and most West Virginia residents would probably agree that using the internet is a daily routine. It may be tempting to check alerts and keep in touch with friends and family, or one may want to stay on top of the latest breaking news. Unfortunately, even a quick glance while driving can lead to motor vehicle accidents

AAA has provided data that shows that about 3,000 people are killed nationwide as a result of distracted driving. This number does not include people who were seriously injured in similar accidents. While most safety campaigns focus on encouraging drivers not to use their smartphones behind the wheel, there are other activities that can be just as dangerous. 

Products liability: Big trouble in small packages?

Each year, unsuspecting consumers fall victim to faulty products. West Virginia residents may have personal knowledge about an incident in which a product caused serious injury to a victim. In such cases, legal action may be appropriate in the form of a products liability suit. 

A recent article sheds light on an area of products liability that may often be overlooked. Sometimes, is it not the actual product that causes harm but the packaging a product comes in. In some cases, the party tasked with packaging a product can be held legally responsible for injuries or damages caused to a consumer. 

Man's story raises awareness for coal mine accidents

Coal mining is historically one of the most prominent industries in West Virginia and other Appalachian states. Many miners come from a long line of relatives who have worked in the mines for generations. It is not unusual for industry giants to try to make sure coal mine accidents do not become public knowledge. Recently, a victim used the remainder of his life to speak out for himself and other workers who have suffered injuries or death in coal mines. 

One of the most common dangers faced by miners is called black lung. Coal mines often have poor air quality and limited ventilation. Long-term exposure to coal dust can cause respiratory damage that often results in suffering or death. 

Woman files wrongful death suit on behalf of brother

Losing a family member can be one of the most difficult situations a person must deal with. In some cases, there can be feelings of anger and regret if the deceased was the victim of a wrongful death. In similar circumstances, some West Virginia residents choose to take legal action against the party responsible for the death. 

Recently, a woman was shocked by the untimely death of her brother. After his body was discovered, the woman learned from investigators that the victim had been fatally poisoned with insulin. His wife was arrested and charged, and she has entered a plea of not guilty. The accused wife was supposed to stand trial in January, but the case remains delayed months later. 

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