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Motor vehicle accidents: Distraction comes in numerous forms

When it comes to operating a motor vehicle, even a moment of distraction could create a potentially dangerous scenario. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents, and each of these incidents has the unfortunate chance of ending in catastrophe. While there are a multitude of circumstances in which drivers in West Virginia could become distracted while operating a vehicle, some tend to be more prevalent than others.

The use of cell phones is one of the most common causes of distraction among drivers. Carrying on a conversation or attempting to read a text message inherently causes drivers to either divert a portion of their attention off the task at hand or take their eyes off the road and a hand off the wheel. Even if the action is only momentary, a second might be all it takes to create a potentially hazardous situation.

Wrongful death: Medical errors remain a major concern

Upon visiting a medical facility for treatment, patients in West Virginia and elsewhere generally expect to receive a certain standard of care. Unfortunately, this might not always be what is provided, as medical errors continue to be a growing concern. Families who lose someone close due to medical negligence may wish to pursue restitution through a wrongful death claim, but they might need guidance in the process.

With medical errors reportedly ranking as high as third in leading causes of death across the nation, many families have been forced to grieve over an unexpected and untimely loss. Recent studies indicate that these errors claim the lives of as many as 250,000 patients each year. Many more may suffer severe harm to health due to such negligence, and patient care remains a concern in a variety of medical settings.

Motor vehicle accidents: 2 injured, 2 killed in late-night crash

The holiday season is a time for travel for many individuals, and while en route to visit family and friends, it might not be uncommon for a driver to encounter unfamiliar roads. Unfortunately, being unfamiliar with an area can be somewhat hazardous and a lack of preparation could increase the risks that motor vehicle accidents might occur. A recent collision in West Virginia has killed two individuals and left two others with injuries.

Law enforcement agents advised the incident took place as two individuals from a neighboring state were driving along a local interstate on a recent Saturday night. For reasons still under investigation, their car suddenly crossed into the wrong lane and struck another vehicle head-on. Both the driver and a passenger in the car were pronounced dead soon thereafter, and two occupants in the other vehicle suffered injuries and were rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Wrongful death: Collision claims lives of 2 in West Virginia

During times of inclement weather, remaining in control of a motor vehicle can be substantially more challenging. Those who fail to slow down during winter weather conditions may unfortunately place the safety of others in harm's way in the process. A recent accident that took place during similar conditions has led to the apparent wrongful death of two women in West Virginia.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Thursday at around 5 p.m. during times of adverse weather conditions. According to reports, the driver of a southbound vehicle lost control of it and crossed into the wrong lane of traffic. This prompted a chain-reaction crash involving as many as three vehicles and left several people with injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents: High speed crash kills 2

Individuals who operate a vehicle at excessive speeds are inherently less capable of handling a variety of driving scenarios. Those who ride as passengers in these vehicles may have little control over the actions of the driver, and they could be the ones who suffer the consequences when motor vehicle accidents occur. A recent single-vehicle accident that took place at high speeds has claimed the lives of two individuals in West Virginia.

The incident is said to have taken place at around 7:45 p.m. on a recent Thursday. Law enforcement agents advised that initial investigations suggest the driver of a southbound vehicle lost control of his car while traveling at a high rate of speed. The vehicle proceeded to veer off road and pass through a nearby fence before flipping over multiple times.

Motor vehicle accidents: Man struck by suspected drunk driver

For pedestrians, reacting quickly enough to avoid a fast-moving vehicle can be nearly impossible at times. Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians can have disastrous results and the chances a similar incident will take place may increase substantially if impairment is a factor. A pedestrian was airlifted to a medical facility after being struck by a suspected drunk driver during a recent collision in West Virginia.

The accident reportedly occurred as the pedestrian was out walking at around 10:30 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. According to law enforcement agents, the man was struck by a nearby vehicle soon thereafter. Upon arriving at the scene of the crash, authorities found the man to be unresponsive, and he was subsequently airlifted to a hospital for treatment of an apparent head injury.

Knowing the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents

Drivers in West Virginia may share the road with a multitude of others as they travel to and from destinations. With an ever-increasing amount of traffic, the potential hazards a person may face out on the road may constantly be on the rise. While motor vehicle accidents can take place under a multitude of scenarios, some causes of collisions tend to be more prevalent than others.

With constant advancements to technology, distracted driving is a growing concern for many drivers and is one of the most common causes of collisions. If even a portion of a person's attention is diverted off the task at hand, the consequences can be severe. Another common cause of accidents pertains to the presence of intoxication, as drunk drivers are inherently less capable of safely operating a motor vehicle.

Motor vehicle accidents: Crash kills 2, critically injuries 1

When a vehicle crosses into the opposite lane of traffic, the chances that a dangerous collision will occur may increase significantly. Head-on motor vehicle accidents can be devastating under any circumstance, but when a tractor-trailer is involved, such an incident may run a higher risk of turning deadly. Two individuals have died and another suffered major injuries in a recent collision after a tractor-trailer crossed into an oncoming lane in West Virginia.

According to reports, the accident took place on a recent Thursday when the driver of a tractor-trailer lost control of the vehicle and crossed into the opposite lane. After entering the wrong lane of traffic, the truck proceeded to crash into an oncoming vehicle. Two of the occupants of this vehicle suffered fatal injuries in the process, while a third occupant reportedly remains in a medical facility in critical condition.

Coal mine accidents: Rock falls and kills 26-year-old miner

Falling objects are a major concern for workers in West Virginia and elsewhere who operate in a variety of fields. For miners, the risk of being struck by such an object may be even more hazardous, as many coal mine accidents may occur without another worker within range to provide immediate assistance. A 26-year-old miner was killed after he was struck by a rock in a recent mining accident that took place in a neighboring state.

Investigating officials have advised that the incident took place at around 2 p.m. on a recent Thursday as the man was working in a local mine. Although many of the details concerning what happened remain unclear, the man was reportedly killed after he was struck by a rock. Unfortunately, no other workers were nearby when the accident took place, and it took nearly seven hours before someone discovered his body.

Wrongful death: Collision involving motorcycle and truck kills 1

A head-on collision is dangerous under any circumstances. However, when a motorcycle is involved, a head-on crash runs the unfortunate chance of turning deadly. A recent collision between a motorcycle and a truck that took place in West Virginia has led to the apparent wrongful death of a 51-year-old motorcycle rider.

Law enforcement agents received reports of the collision at around 7:45 a.m. on a recent Thursday. According to initial investigations, the incident occurred when the driver of a northbound truck suddenly drifted into the opposite lane of traffic. The truck subsequently struck a southbound motorcycle head-on, and the impact of the collision reportedly caused both vehicles to erupt into flames.

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