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Common causes of semitruck crashes

Semitruck crashes can result in devastating consequences, affecting not just truck drivers but also other road users.

The reasons for semitruck crashes can be multifaceted. They can range from human error to mechanical failures, each with risks and repercussions. Understanding these factors is critical for those who are hoping to prevent such accidents and those who are involved in these crashes.

Trucker distractions are a significant issue

One of the leading causes of semitruck crashes is driver distraction. This can come in many forms, including using a mobile device, eating or adjusting the radio. These activities divert attention from the road, making it easier to miss critical signals or changes in traffic conditions.

Trucker impairment is also a concern

Another serious issue leading to accidents is impairment due to alcohol or drugs. While laws are stringent regarding substance use while driving, instances still occur where truckers operate their vehicles under the influence. Impaired driving significantly hampers a driver’s ability to make sound judgments and react quickly to changing road conditions.

Trucker fatigue can’t be overlooked

Long hours on the road can lead to trucker fatigue, significantly contributing to crashes. Operating a semitruck requires constant attention, and fatigue can lead to slower reaction times and decreased awareness. Regulatory bodies have guidelines for rest periods, but fatigue can still be a factor in many accidents.

Improper load securement adds risks

The way cargo is secured in a semitruck can directly impact the vehicle’s stability. Improper load securement can lead to cargo shifting during transit, altering the truck’s center of gravity. This increases the risk of rollovers or other accidents, especially when navigating turns or sudden stops.

Lax maintenance is a hidden danger

Poor vehicle maintenance can also be a cause of semitruck crashes. Failing to regularly check and maintain critical components like brakes, tires and lights can result in mechanical failures. These failures can occur suddenly and without warning, leaving a driver little time to react and prevent an accident.

Victims of semitruck crashes often suffer significant injuries that require considerable medical care. By clarifying whether driver error, mechanical failure and/or other factors contributed to the cause(s) of their wreck, they can make more informed decisions concerning their legal options.

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