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When popular weight-loss drugs do more harm than good

Weight loss medications have been a goal for pharmaceutical companies for years. Most people would very happily take a medication if it meant they could lose weight with minimal effort. In recent months, a trio of similar drugs have become incredibly popular. The three brand names garnering the most attention in recent months are Ozempic, Wegovy and Rybelsus. These drugs are glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists.

Originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration FDA for type 2 diabetes, drugs like Ozempic have shown real promise as weight loss drugs. The demand for these drugs is so high that those prescribed the medication for blood sugar issues may have trouble reliably accessing them.

Despite their surge in popularity, there are risks associated with these three medications. Those who experience potentially debilitating side effects may need to consider pursuing a lawsuit against drug manufacturers for marketing the medications to the public despite significant risk.

What are the reported side effects?

Any medication can cause a host of unintentional side effects, some of which will be far worse than others. This trio of medications can help people lose weight in part by suppressing their appetite. Unfortunately, the medication can go too far. It can cause severe nausea, pancreatitis and even stomach paresis. The likelihood of developing pancreatitis is nine times higher for patients taking one of these three drugs than for patients taking other weight loss medications, like Contrave.

There’s also very concerning early research indicating that as many as 1-2% of patients could develop severe side effects. As many as 1% of patients on these drugs will experience stomach paresis. Stomach paresis can temporarily halt digestion, cause intense abdominal pain and affect someone’s overall health. People have also reported intestinal blockages and gastroparesis while taking these medications.

While faster and easier weight loss is beneficial for those who are obese or at high risk of heart disease, the side effects of these medications can easily outweigh the benefits patients derive from them. With more than 16 million people possibly taking these medications, there could be tens or hundreds of thousands of people severely harmed as a result.

Recognizing when a medication has caused unexpected, highly negative consequences can help people seek compensation for the medical expenses and lost wages that may have resulted from these undisclosed risks. Seeking legal guidance is usually the best first step forward under such circumstances.

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