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August 2014 Archives

Personal injury suit filed after alleged hospital negligence

A woman has filed a personal injury suit against a West Virginia hospital, claiming that her mother was injured as a result of the facility's negligence. The woman was a patient in Cornerstone Hospital when she reportedly slipped and fell. As a result of her fall, she suffered from extensive and painful back injuries. Her daughter filed the personal injury suit on her behalf.

Products liability issues from dangerous dental products

West Virginia readers may be surprised to know that it is possible that their dental products carry a risk for products liability issues. These common products hiding in medicine cabinets may actually place consumers in danger for certain health issues. Certain products, such as whitening toothpaste, may may pose a potential products liability issue.

Will unsafe chicken lead to products liability claims?

When a company releases a recall on a potentially unsafe food product, products liability claims could be filed if consumers have been injured in any way. Perdue Farms, a large producer and manufacturer of chicken products, has issued a recall on a popular chicken product that is distributed across the country, including in West Virginia. The products liability concerns were raised when several consumers found plastic in chicken nuggets.

Potential for coal mine accidents results in citations

West Virginia readers are likely well aware of the danger and risk for coal mine accidents associated with the coal mine industry. Because of the risk for coal mine accidents, it is vital that mine owners and operators provide safety measures for all employees or they may face fines and penalties. Recently, four mines in the state were found lacking in certain safety requirements, resulting in several citations levied by federal investigators.

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