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Will unsafe chicken lead to products liability claims?

When a company releases a recall on a potentially unsafe food product, products liability claims could be filed if consumers have been injured in any way. Perdue Farms, a large producer and manufacturer of chicken products, has issued a recall on a popular chicken product that is distributed across the country, including in West Virginia. The products liability concerns were raised when several consumers found plastic in chicken nuggets.

The chicken nuggets were from one line of Perdue products, Applegate Natural & Organic Meats. The total amount of Applegate chicken nuggets recalled amounted to 15,000 pounds. The company recalled the chicken shortly before the Food Safety and Inspection Service issued an official recall. The organization said that the chicken posed a danger to consumers because it contained “extraneous material,” which was pieces of plastic.

Although the product recall has been issued, it is possible that some consumers have not received notice of the potential danger. Because this is a frozen food product, people may not realize that there is an issue with the product until much later. It has been noted that anyone who feels ill, injured or has issues after consuming this product should seek medical attention.

West Virginia readers and others across the country have the expectation of safety when they purchase a product from a grocery store. When companies fail to protect the safety of their consumers by distributing an unsafe product, they could be held liable for any health problems that arise. In these types of cases, products liability claims are an option for anyone who was injured because of negligence and would like to seek compensation.

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