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October 2014 Archives

Unconventional oil and gas sites can cause severe personal injury

Residents in West Virginia may share the concerns of many about the fracking and other controversial methods of oil and gas development. In addition to water and air pollution, the environmental noise it produces poses a severe threat of personal injury. The contaminants that are polluting our water and air through these technologies have been associated with illnesses and conditions such as birth defects, cancer, and neurological and respiratory problems.

Wrongful death lawsuit could follow West Virginia accident

Any parent knows of the great lengths parents are willing to go in order to preserve their children's safety. Unfortunately, despite all of the research they conduct to ensure they have the safest car, crib and car seat, some parents can not protect their children from the negligent actions of others. One family in West Virginia is facing that reality as they cope with the recent loss of their young daughter. They do have the option of pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit as a result of the accident.

Safety violations cause coal mine accidents in West Virginia

It is important for employers to maintain a safe work environment. Not only is this legally required, it can even prevent serious injuries. In some cases, failure to adhere to safety standards can result in death. This is particularly important for avoiding coal mine accidents that are already more dangerous due to the nature of the coal mining occupation in West Virginia.

Coal mine accidents deserve attention and strong representation

West Virginia has a fairly large population of coal miners. This field of work is known to be dangerous in nature, and employees depend on their employers to keep their work environment safe. Unfortunately, coal mine accidents do happen, and those involved often suffer significant injuries, or worse.

Charleston coal mine accidents claim 2 more lives

Coal mine workers in Charleston are likely aware of the dangers they are exposed to while at work. There are multiple hazards to be faced, and if the management and supervisors of a mine fail to ensure that all safety regulations are abided by, severe injuries and even fatalities may be suffered. The sad fact that most coal mine accidents could have been prevented remains a concern of many.

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