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Safety violations cause coal mine accidents in West Virginia

It is important for employers to maintain a safe work environment. Not only is this legally required, it can even prevent serious injuries. In some cases, failure to adhere to safety standards can result in death. This is particularly important for avoiding coal mine accidents that are already more dangerous due to the nature of the coal mining occupation in West Virginia.

Unfortunately, it appears that one employer had failed to comply with safety rules and regulations in a recent fatal coal-mining accident. The incident happened in May and resulted in the death of two mine workers. The fatal accident was a specific type of incident known as a coal burst. After investigating the incident, authorities cited the company, Patriot Coal, for safety violations.

The federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) alleges that the company failed to adequately protect mine workers from hazards at the mine location. It also turns out that the coal mine company failed to file a report of a previous coal burst incident that happened just three days prior. The MSHA citation also accuses the firm of allowing evidence related to the previous coal burst incident to be destroyed.

The family of the two decedents may want to pay close attention to the evidence that comes to light as the investigation moves forward in West Virginia. Those who have lost loved ones from coal mine accidents, which may have been caused by negligence on the part of the employer, may be able to obtain financial assistance. They can do this through filing a personal injury lawsuit, which can result in monetary reimbursement for their losses.

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