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Coal mine accidents deserve attention and strong representation

West Virginia has a fairly large population of coal miners. This field of work is known to be dangerous in nature, and employees depend on their employers to keep their work environment safe. Unfortunately, coal mine accidents do happen, and those involved often suffer significant injuries, or worse.

The types of injuries often seen with coal mine accidents include traumatic brain injuries, orthopedic injuries or amputations. Each of these require extensive medical care and rehabilitation to begin the recovery process. The costs of these services, along with lost wages due to time away from work, can create a difficult financial situation for these workers and their families. For accidents that result in fatality, the unexpected funeral costs and other associated expenses can have the same effect on finances. These monetary struggles should not have to be shouldered alone.

While there are many reasons why injury or death may occur in a coal mining setting, many of these accidents are considered highly preventable. To learn more about the different types of accidents often seen in this line or work, please visit our West Virginia Coal Mining Injury Attorneys page. This webpage also provides more in-depth information as to how an attorney can help victims of coal mining accidents, or — in the event of fatality — their surviving family members, get fair compensation for the damages sustained.

West Virginia residents who have been negatively affected by coal mine accidents do not have to face the situation alone and could greatly benefit from strong representation on their behalf. As with many work-related injuries, employers and insurance carriers may try to get by with offering the bare minimum in coverage and compensation, leaving the victim or their surviving family members to use their own funds to cover costs. An attorney who is experienced in coal mining injuries can help victims or their family members pursue fair compensation that takes into account both the current and future financial losses suffered.

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