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Elderly and disabled individuals often require continuous care. These patients frequently need assistance moving to and from areas of a room, and from room to room. When patients are not monitored or assisted in the ways that they need to be mobile, falls occur.

The Law Firm of Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler, PLLC, represents clients in West Virginia who have suffered injuries from slips, trips and falls in nursing home and assisted living facilities. Our firm is entirely focused on personal injury, medical malpractice and related claims.

The lawyers at our firm offer personalized, assertive legal representation. We will help you understand the legal issues of your case so you can make an informed decision. Our team will stick by your side and provide the guidance you need.

Falls From Wandering Off And Neglect

When an elderly person falls, he or she is much more likely to suffer a serious injury. Broken bones, fractures and even bruises take much longer to heal than in younger adults. Serious injuries can even sometimes lead to more serious, long-term health conditions.

At The Law Firm of Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler, PLLC, we handle cases involving:

  • Falls from wandering off
  • Falls from lack of assistance
  • Broken bone and fracture injuries from trips, slips and falls

We will help you to get the full amount of compensation you need to get proper medical attention and treat your injuries. As your advocates, we are here for you throughout the entire legal process.

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