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Get Help After An Emergency Vehicle Crash

Ambulances, police cars and other emergency vehicles mean to help, but that does not insulate them from typical road hazards. They get into accidents, too. And, when you get hit by one of these vehicles, you may be unsure what to do. Who do you call when the police hit you? Who is going to take you to the hospital when an ambulance totaled your car?

The legal team at Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler, PLLC, has decades of experience and a wide collaborative network available to help you build your case. We can maximize your settlement during negotiations and will take unfair settlements to court.

What You Need To Know Going Forward

Improper training or inattention can cause serious damage not only to drivers on the road, but to personnel and passengers inside emergency vehicles. In some cases, like ambulances carrying patients, this can cause serious injury, prevent treatment or even kill those inside. In serious accidents involving police vehicles with automatic secure locking systems, damage to a vehicle can prevent or impede rescue.

You need someone who can break down your accident step-by-step and determine where the emergency services operators went wrong. Our lawyers can help identify fault and represent you in negotiations.

Come To Our Charleston Office

Dealing with public service accidents can be very complex. The state has many protections in place for its employees. This does not make them invulnerable to the law. We can hold them responsible. Our attorneys understand the laws and processes to successfully bring suit against city and state services. Call our office at 800-797-9730. Alternatively, send our firm an email, and one of our eight lawyers can respond to you. We offer free consultations.