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Bedsores Can Progress Quickly

Sometimes people who are in nursing homes or other care facilities are bedridden due to medical issues. This kind of confinement can lead to bedsores, which are also sometimes called pressure sores. These harmful wounds commonly occur on parts of the body that are in constant contact with the bed and are preventable with proper care.

If left untreated, these wounds can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening. At Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler, PLLC, our Charleston attorneys know what a serious threat bedsores pose and that sometimes they occur due to a caregiver’s negligence.

The Early Stages

The beginning stages of a bedsore may not look especially threatening. A stage 1 sore is not an open wound but may feel warm to the touch and look red or discolored. Sores at this stage may, however, be painful.

A bedsore has entered stage 2 if it breaks open or an ulcer forms. The damage has extended beyond the outer layer of skin and the sores are likely extremely tender and quite painful.

Advanced Bedsores

Once a bedsore has penetrated deeper than the outer skin into the tissue, it is considered stage 3. It may take on a crater-like appearance at this point. By the time a bedsore reaches stage 4, extensive damage to bone, muscle and soft tissue are likely to have occurred.

Because of the tissue damage associated with stage 3 and stage 4 bedsores, they may actually be less painful that those that are still in the earlier stages. In addition, the risk for infection and blood poisoning is great.

Protecting Patients’ Rights

If you suspect a loved one developed bedsores because of someone else’s negligence, send us a message to schedule your free initial consultation with a malpractice attorney. You can also reach us by calling 800-797-9730 .