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Warning signs of a brain injury after a car crash

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Injuries |

Most people will require a professional medical evaluation after a crash to either rule out or diagnose a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and obtain prompt treatment so that any condition that has developed doesn’t get worse. A TBI could be the result of blunt force trauma, violent vehicle motions or even flying shrapnel causing penetrating injuries.

It is very easy for someone involved in a wreck to overlook the signs of a TBI if they aren’t familiar with them before the crash occurs. The following are some of these symptoms of brain injuries that indicate someone requires a medical evaluation immediately.

A loss of consciousness

People often assume that losing consciousness during a crash is natural and no reason for concern. Particularly if they don’t recall hitting their head on something, they might assume that they passed out or fainted because of shock or pain. There is a very strong association between even a momentary lapse in consciousness and elevated risk of a brain injury. Anyone who blacks out after a crash will likely want to see a doctor to rule out the possibility of a TBI.

Headache, nausea and dizziness

Some of the best-known symptoms of brain injuries are also easy for people to dismiss, at least initially. People may have a persistent headache or one that continues to worsen even days after the crash. They may become nauseous without any other obvious cause. They may also experience issues with their sense of balance. Vertigo-like symptoms or intermittent dizziness could be warning signs of an injury to someone’s brain.

Sensory symptoms

The brain has to process a lot of sensory information, and an injury can make it much harder to do so accurately and efficiently. Some people experience blurry vision or ringing in their ears. Others May report disruptions to their sense of smell and taste. Sensory symptoms are a frequent warning sign of brain injury.

Cognitive symptoms

Sometimes, the warning signs of brain injury include diminished cognitive ability. People may slur their speech like someone who has had too much alcohol. They may suddenly have trouble making decisions or remembering things. Both recall of old memories and the formation of new memories could change after a brain injury. There are also scenarios in which people have changes in language processing or even in their personality.

The reality is that brain injuries manifest differently depending on someone’s circumstances and the severity of their injury. Anyone who notices possible signs of a TBI, as well as those involved in high-speed, relatively severe collisions may benefit from a timely medical evaluation. The sooner doctors diagnose a TBI, the better the chances that they can prevent it from worsening. Knowing and watching for the signs of a brain injury could help someone better limit the lasting consequences of a recent car wreck medically, financially and legally.

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