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May 2016 Archives

Accident could be grounds for wrongful death claim

Morgantown, West Virginia, is mourning the loss of a local fireman after a fatal accident claimed his life. The man was involved in a collision on Route 119, and police have determine that his vehicle was struck by a Ford F-350. Based on the details known at this time about the accident, it is possible the family has grounds to pursue compensation through a wrongful death claim.

Motor vehicle accidents and trucks: Options for victims

Trucks are on virtually every road and highway in West Virginia and across the country. Due to the constant presence, size and weight of these vehicles, truckers have a special responsibility to drive safely and cautiously. When motor vehicle accidents are caused by negligent or dangerous truckers, victims have the right to to seek recompense for their pain and suffering. 

Wrongful death claim possible after fatal motorcycle accident

A tragic accident in West Virginia involving a motorcycle and a car reminds readers of the potentially deadly consequences that these types of accidents. The deceased was a 19-year-old man, and the driver of the vehicle was only 16. Despite the young age of the driver, the family of the deceased may still have grounds for a wrongful death claim. 

Recall intiated over risk of injury in motor vehicle accidents

West Virginia readers may be interested to note that Nissan, one of the largest automakers in the world, has initiated a massive recall of certain vehicles. The recall affects 3.18 million cars in the United States due to a safety issue that could increase the chance of injuries for drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents. According to Nissan, the airbags may not deploy properly because of an issue with the sensors.

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