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Occupants can be ejected on impact in motor vehicle accidents

On a recent Tuesday, just before 7 p.m., a car accident took place on a West Virginia highway. When motor vehicle accidents occur, the force of the impact sometimes causes one or more vehicle occupants to be ejected from their seats. Such was the case in the recent incident on Robert C. Byrd Drive.

Responding deputies gave a statement regarding the details of the recent crash. Reportedly, there were two vehicles involved. One of them, driven by a woman, is said to have driven into the path of a pickup truck. The person behind the wheel of the truck immediately swerved his vehicle to attempt to avoid a collision.

When the pickup truck swerved, it began to hydroplane and ended up rolling over a nearby embankment. The truck came to a halt in a parking lot. The driver of the pickup, a male, was transported to a nearby hospital for emergency care. He was listed in critical condition. Although the report did not specify who was ejected during the accident, the accident scene photos and reported critical condition of the pickup driver suggest that the pickup driver was the one who was ejected.

Motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia that are believed to have been caused by the negligence of a motorist sometimes become the focus of legal claims filed by those who were injured in the crashes. Medical care and special care often needed during recovery and beyond can result in financial debt that an injured victim was not prepared to pay. In successfully litigated cases, the court can award compensation for damages that can then be used to absorb some of those costs. Emotional pain and suffering, loss of earnings and court fees are other damages commonly listed as part of a legal claim in the aftermath of a car accident.

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