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Protecting the rights of victims of coal mine accidents

West Virginia residents who work in the coal and mining industry have the right to a safe and productive work environment. While there are certain inherent risks to mining, that does not diminish the rights of those who have been injured in coal mine accidents. Our team understands how to protect these rights and entitlements, fighting for the compensation needed for a victim and family to have a full and fair recovery. 

Unfortunately, many miners are subjected to unnecessary risks, and many accidents could be prevented. Mining companies are often reluctant to take responsibility for their negligence, leaving victims feeling overwhelmed and facing a significant financial burden. It is important for victims to have the assistance of a lawyer who not only understands legal options, but who will also advocate for the victim’s needs.

Many coal mine accidents are caused by dangerous work conditions, including faulty elevators, lack of safety equipment, dangerous equipment and even poor air quality. Our team has successfully taken on many large mining companies on behalf of our clients. We are not intimidated by complex cases, and we take your needs and rights seriously. 

It takes experience and extensive knowledge to effectively assist those who have been injured in coal mine accidents. Do not trust just anyone with your case, but instead, turn to our West Virginia team for the information you need to make beneficial decisions. You have the right to be informed of your rights, which is best done by seeking a complete case evaluation with a knowledgeable lawyer. 

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