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Preventing motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles

As West Virginia bikers already know, individuals who are on a motorcycle are at a higher risk for injury in the event of a car accident. Motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles often result in serious injuries, such as road rash, head trauma and broken bones. Fortunately, raising safety awareness and training drivers to safely share the road may be effective in reducing the number of these types of accidents. 

Motorcycle riders must be constantly vigilant while they are on the road. Smaller vehicles can become hidden in blind spots and drivers may have a difficult time judging the speed of a bike. In the same manner, drivers should also work hard to double check mirrors, drive at a safe speed, provide motorcycles ample space and minimize distraction. 

One of the greatest hazards faced by bikers is distracted driving. Drivers who are texting or doing anything that takes their eyes off the road are prone to swerve, change lanes without looking and drive at erratic speeds. It is beneficial for bikers to take classes in order to learn how to react when another driver compromises their own safety and the well-being of everyone around them. 

When the actions of another person result in the injury or death of an innocent biker, it may be appropriate to take legal action. The injuries often sustained in these types of motor vehicle accidents may require costly and long-term medical treatment, which can leave a West Virginia victim and family with a significant financial burden. Compensation, obtained through a civil claim, may help cover costs and secure a full physical and financial recovery. 

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