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Posts tagged "Motor Vehicle Accidents"

Weather a factor for motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia

Weather can create dangerous situations on the road if the proper precautions are not taken. Slick roads can make a vehicle more difficult to control, and it may be advisable to travel at a much slower speed to prevent an accident from occurring. Bad weather plays a part in many motor vehicle accidents across the country. A recent accident in West Virginia involving similar conditions left two people injured.

Motor vehicle accidents may lead to lawsuits

Carelessness in navigating a West Virginia roadway can lead to an accident. When motor vehicle accidents are caused by negligent drivers, those injured can seek recovery of financial losses through a personal injury lawsuit. Several people were injured in a recent crash on I-79, including a sheriff's deputy.

Speeding major factor in motor vehicle accidents involving teens

West Virginia readers know that teenage drivers often lack the experience and capacity to make mature, safe and practical decisions behind the wheel. This particular age group is especially likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents caused by speeding or other preventable behaviors, including distraction. In fact, speed is in the top five main reasons teenagers are involved in fatal accidents.

Distracted driving continues to cause motor vehicle accidents

West Virginia readers know that distraction is one of the leading causes of crashes across the country, and the problem is only getting worse. With the widespread popularity of smart phones, the use of phone applications while driving is one of the main forms of distracted driving. Any moment of distraction, even just a few seconds, can cause serious motor vehicle accidents.

Motor vehicle accidents: West Virginia crash claims lives

Many individuals may anticipate a car trip with excitement if they are going somewhere enjoyable. Though these journeys may seem harmless, motor vehicle accidents could cause a pleasant trip to turn into a nightmare. When a collision takes place, there is always a chance for injuries, and if those injuries are serious or fatal, legal action could result.

Lack of safety barriers an issue in motor vehicle accidents

A recent fatal car crash that occurred long a stretch of Interstate 64 in Putnam County has West Virginia drivers questioning whether or not a lack of safety barriers in the median exposes motorists to an unnecessary risk for accidents and injuries. Drivers report that motor vehicle accidents have occurred there in the past because drivers can easily cross into oncoming traffic if they are struck by another vehicle or lose control. It is possible that the addition of a safety barrier is warranted.

The impact of brain injuries from motor vehicle accidents

When a person suffers a brain injury in a car accident, it can have an impact that affects many areas of life. Life after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be difficult, and it can take a long time to recover from even minor brain injuries suffered from motor vehicle accidents. It is important to recognize the symptoms of these types of injuries in order to pursue the most appropriate recovery.

Distraction: one the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents

West Virginia readers know that distracted driving is one of the leading dangers on the road, but distracted behavior is not limited to young drivers. Parents and older drivers are also prone to look at their phones behind the wheel, contributing to the high number of motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving. Just a few seconds of distraction can lead to serious or fatal consequences.

Products liability claim for a defective medical device

Have you suffered physical and emotional harm because you were implanted with a defective of dangerous medical device? Not only has your trust been violated, but you may also be left with medical bills from extra surgeries and an extended hospital stay. You may feel helpless, but you could have grounds to seek financial compensation through a products liability claim.

Do cellphones cause motor vehicle accidents?

As West Virginia readers may know, a recent study reportedly connects cellphone use to cancer in rodents, which caused quite an uproar. While many people are anxious over the tie between cellphones and radiation exposure, one writer points out that the true danger of cellphones is their role in distracted driving. Cellphones are the single most common source of motor vehicle accidents involving distracted drivers.

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