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Can someone blame their GPS for a crash?

People use GPS all the time when they’re driving. Many cars have this built right into the dash, and a lot of drivers will also use their phones. It’s an easy way to get around and is much safer than using a paper map since you don’t actually have to hold it. The GPS can just give you audio instructions while you watch the road.

But what if somebody causes an accident in which you are injured, and they blame the GPS? They say that they were driving safely on their own, but the GPS gave inaccurate instructions, and they followed those instructions. The result was the car crash that put you in the hospital. Is this a valid excuse?

Drivers are still responsible for their own actions

As a general rule, no, a driver cannot blame their GPS because, even if the GPS got it wrong, the driver is still responsible for any actions that they take. Blindly following the GPS and not paying attention to traffic signals or other vehicles around them is not an excuse for an accident. That driver still took action – or failed to take action – causing the crash.

After all, the GPS information may not be up to date with current traffic conditions. Say the GPS tells the driver to turn onto a one-way street going the wrong direction because it used to be a two-way street. The driver still needs to look at the signs telling them not to enter the street and they need to understand that the GPS is wrong in that situation.

This is just one of the common driving mistakes that people make, and those who are injured need to know about all their options to seek financial compensation

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