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How does maintenance affect car safety?

What does your car mean to you? If it is merely a practical means of transport, rather than your pride and joy, you might not give much thought to it when you are not driving, unlike someone who spends hours lavishing love on their vehicle.

Modern cars do not need much attention compared to the vehicles of yesteryear. Yet that does not mean you can ignore them altogether. Regular maintenance is crucial to safety, and it is not as complicated as you may think.

Fixing things is not easy on modern cars

Essential maintenance does not require expensive tools or computer systems. It needs a few minutes of your time. Here are some basics you can and should do:

  • Check the tires: Do they look like they have tread, or do they seem worn down? Every tire has an indicator to tell you when to change it.
  • Check the lights: Lights are more crucial than ever during winter. Get a passenger or your kids to help. Have them walk around the vehicle, checking each light one by one as you brake and indicate, and switch from high to low beam.

These two bits of maintenance require no skills. They can also save you money, as spotting a nail in the tire can avoid an expensive call out for a flat tire, and catching a faulty light can avoid a traffic ticket.

If another driver crashes with you, take a quick look at their vehicle. If it is in a poor state of repair, then maybe that led to the car crash. Little details can help you show the other driver was responsible and get the compensation you need.

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