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Coal mine blasts pose unique risks for workers

Explosions are a common sight around coal mines. While most companies exercise extreme caution when they’re blasting, there are some risks that the miners and their employers should be aware of.

The issue with blasts is that they can cause catastrophic injuries, some that are fatal, if anything goes amiss. Because of this, it’s imperative that the proper protocols are always followed during these events. There is no such thing as being too safe when live explosives are on the site.

What are some specific risks of explosions?

There are a few specific risks that come with blasts at coal mining sites. A premature blast can cause significant injuries if workers haven’t cleared the area yet. Flying rocks are another risk. There’s also a risk of inhaling toxic fumes, which is another reason the immediate area around the blast site should be cleared.

Only experienced professionals should handle the explosives. They must also ensure that everyone is following the established safety measures and policies for every job. Taking the time to double check everything, including the location of the workers around the blast site, can help prevent many incidents. Employers should require that this safety always comes first when there are blasts at the mining site.

Any coal miner who suffers an injury at work should learn about their options for getting the related expenses taken care of. Working with an attorney who knows the applicable laws is beneficial so you can learn your options and create a plan to address your damages.

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