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Reducing the odds of serious or fatal coal mine accidents

Mining companies in West Virginia and elsewhere are constantly exploring ways to increase the safety of workers within their respective fields. While the number of serious or fatal coal mine accidents has decreased over recent years, even one fatal accident could be one too many. While experts have compiled a list of improvements that could help reduce the chances of mining incidents, preventing all accidents could prove a challenging feat.

While working within a mine, it might not be all that uncommon for employees to operate alone. As such, experts suggest that advancements in communication may be necessary and could increase response times should an accident occur. Studies also indicate that providing miners with devices that give a supply of oxygen could also help reduce the risks associated with encountering gas leaks or other possibly hazardous substances.

Another potential hazard miners can face pertains to the operation of heavy duty mining machines. Underground collisions are a major concern for miners, and implementing systems to notify miners of an approaching vehicle, or vise versa, could also help prevent a potential disaster. Experts also suggest that advancements in technology could allow workers to operate mining machines from a safe distance and thus reduce the chances of a major incident.

Coal mine accidents can have disastrous consequences and those who suffer serious injuries in such an incident may face extensive medical costs and an extended period of recovery. While those injured while on the job may be entitled to financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system, the process can be challenging to navigate. Fortunately, there are attorneys that can assist a person in West Virginia in pursuing the full amount of compensation available through all applicable sources.

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