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Coal mine accidents: Recent incident kills miner in West Virginia

It is no secret that certain professions are more hazardous than others. Even with constant improvements to workplace safety procedures, coal mine accidents continue to be a major concern, and those involved in a similar incident may face the risk of suffering serious or fatal injuries. A man was killed in a recent incident that reportedly took place at a mine in West Virginia.

The incident is said to have taken place while the man was riding in a diesel-powered shuttle car at the mine. According to reports, the personnel carrier suddenly struck a support beam, causing the beam to fall and strike the man in the head before hitting the driver in the arm. Although he reportedly regained consciousness following the incident, he suffered serious injuries in the process and passed away soon thereafter.

No further details were provided as to how the support beam came to be in the path of the vehicle. Failure to properly secure support beams and keep pathways clear of potential hazards can increase the risks that an accident may occur. Even with the necessary safety gear, withstanding a blow from a heavy object can be a challenging feat, and a similar incident can prove exceedingly dangerous.

Fatal coal mine accidents can be devastating incidents that may leave a family in search of answers and in need of financial relief. Those who lose a family member in such a way could choose to speak with an attorney for advice on how to pursue relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system. An attorney can review the incident and assist a client in West Virginia in pursuing the full amount of compensation available through every applicable source.

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