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Wrongful death: 3 killed in head-on collision in West Virginia

A recent motor vehicle accident involving a vehicle that was traveling in the wrong lane of traffic has claimed the lives of three individuals in West Virginia. Head-on collisions can be exceedingly dangerous, and those culpable of a similar form of negligence may endanger the safety of everyone nearby. Families who experience loss in such an incident may wish to pursue restitution through a wrongful death claim, but the process can be complex.

Law enforcement agents assert the incident began as they received reports of a vehicle that was traveling in the wrong lane of traffic at a high rate of speed. Before they could locate the vehicle, they say the driver collided with another car head-on. The impact reportedly forced the second vehicle off the road and caused it to strike a truck that was in the process of being towed.

The driver of the truck was taken to a medical facility for treatment of minor injuries soon thereafter. However, the driver of the first vehicle and both the driver and passenger in the second car were all pronounced dead at the scene. Although an investigation is underway, there was no indication of what might have led the driver who caused the collision to exhibit such negligence.

No one should ever have to experience such a loss due to the negligent decisions of another party. Families who wish to hold the responsible party accountable may find it beneficial to consult with a personal injury attorney for assistance in navigating the civil justice system. An attorney can help a client in West Virginia pursue the full amount of restitution to which he or she is entitled through a wrongful death claim against the party deemed culpable.

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