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Wrongful death: College student dies after being hit in crosswalk

There are a variety of reasons that many college students in West Virginia and across the country may choose to travel around campus by walking. While this form of transportation could help a student save on gas and provide a means of exercise, it could also leave one exposed to the threat of injury. Pedestrian accidents can be dangerous, and similar incidents have forced far too many families to grieve over the wrongful death of someone close.

A recent collision that took place near the entrance to the recreational center at West Virginia University has reportedly claimed the life of a 21-year-old student. According to authorities, the woman was struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross at an intersection via a crosswalk. She was rushed to a medical facility soon thereafter for treatment of injuries, but she reportedly passed away later on.

Authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident, and assert the woman was within the crosswalk when she was hit. Crosswalks and walk signals are present at many or most intersections to allow pedestrians safe passage. However, even if a pedestrian has the right of way in a crosswalk, proceeding with caution is advisable. Should a driver fail to see a pedestrian, or fail to adhere to traffic laws, the result could be catastrophic.

Should an investigation suggest that negligence on the part of a driver leads to the death of a pedestrian, his or her family may wish to pursue restitution through civil court. Since this process can be complex, a family could find it beneficial to retain the services of a personal injury attorney. An attorney can examine the situation thoroughly and assist a client in West Virginia in filing a wrongful death claim against the party deemed at fault.

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