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Coal mine accidents in West Virginia see fourth death of the year

A mining accident in the heart of West Virginia has apparently resulted in the fourth mining death of the year in the state. Although these incidents might be fewer and farther between than recent years, coal mine accidents still occur far too often. These events are tragic and have left countless families to grieve over lost loved ones throughout the years.

The 44-year-old man who was killed in the incident was apparently a shuttle car operator at the mine. The accident reportedly occurred just under an hour before midnight on a recent Thursday while the man was operating an electric locomotive. There was no indication of the exact cause of the incident, and officials have advised that it is currently under investigation.

According to a spokesman, the company fully cooperating with the investigation. These matters can often be challenging, especially with the inherent hazards that may already be involved in a related field. Although the family is apparently receiving thoughts and well wishes from numerous sources, they may also be in need of financial assistance, and thus could be considering their available options, especially if he was the primary wage earner.

Families who lose loved ones in coal mine accidents often seek relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system. The process can be challenging to manage alone, and many families retain the services of an attorney for assistance. An attorney in West Virginia can address a family’s financial concerns and needs and assist in pursuing some much-needed compensation through every outlet that is applicable to the underlying circumstances.

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