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Flawed defibrillators may lead to products liability lawsuits

Companies are responsible for the manufacturing and testing of a multitude of medical devices each year. These devices are used to assist in the treatment of various medical conditions and are often crucial to the overall health of a patient. If one of these devices is defective, the subsequent harm to person’s health can be catastrophic. If a company in West Virginia fails to warn a patient of possible defects, it could soon be facing a products liability lawsuit.

Recent reports of battery issues in defibrillators issued by Abbott, a medical device maker, have raised numerous concerns. Abbott in question continued to ship the devices even after allegations of rapid battery depletion. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, these issues were discovered prior to the shipment of several defibrillators, even after a recall for the devices had been issued.

According to reports, two individuals have already died on account of these devices, with at least 10 others being affected by fainting spells. The company continued to deny the claims, and ultimately filed a defamation lawsuit against accusers. However, it would later admit flaws within the device after receiving several warnings from the FDA.

Devices of this nature cannot be expected to work properly if the batteries are subject to rapid depletion. If an individual has suffered a serious injury or loss on account of a similar device, he or she may be entitled to restitution through a claim against the party deemed at fault. By speaking with an attorney in West Virginia, an individual can obtain guidance and assistance throughout the process of filing a products liability claim.

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