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Mother and son file personal injury suit for bus injury

When West Virginia parents send their children off to school in a school bus, there is a reasonable expectation that the children will arrive at school and back home safely. Unfortunately for one mother, her son was injured on his bus, and the two of them have recently filed a personal injury lawsuit. The personal injury suit is against the county’s Board of Education as well as five individual employees.

The lawsuit states that the son, who was bound to a wheelchair, boarded the bus using the wheelchair lift. Something caused the lift to not work as it was intended, and the boy fell forward. He was injured as a result of the fall.

The two claim the Board did not provide ample instruction and training to the employees who assisted special needs children, nor did it ensure proper maintenance of the school bus and equipment. The mother is claiming loss of consortium of her son due to his injuries. They are requesting a jury trial to determine a financial compensation award. They would like all legal and medical bills as well as punitive and compensatory damages factored into said award.

Many West Virginia families who have had to endure the physical pain and suffering due to a debilitating injury also usually have to deal with financial struggles. A way to recoup the fiscal losses is through a personal injury lawsuit. Those looking for a way to recover the often-times overwhelming medical bills seek a dedicated professional who will be aggressive when working to obtain the compensation their clients deserve.

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