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Protecting the rights of those hurt in coal mine accidents

Coal mining is an inherently dangerous job, but those who are employed in the coal mines of West Virginia still have the right to a workplace that is as safe as possible. Coal mine accidents are often serious, sometimes fatal, and those affected could be dealing with the aftermath for years to come. We know how difficult it can be for hard-working miners, which is why we are dedicated to protecting their rights.

Many of the accidents that happen in coal mines could be prevented. With proper safety training, an adherence to industry regulations and up-to-date equipment, workers could be kept safe and free from unnecessary harm. Some of the most common injuries suffered in coal mine accidents include traumatic brain injuries, orthopedic injuries, spine injuries or even amputation. 

From elevator accidents to poor air quality in the mine, there are a myriad of reasons why a West Virginia miner could suffer harm. We come along these hurt workers, helping them seek the compensation that they need for a full recovery. We are not afraid to stand up to parties deemed responsible, from local mine operators to larger corporations, fighting for the best interests of those who work in the mines.

Coal mine accidents can have tragic consequences, but there is no reason to face the aftermath alone. If you lost a loved one in a mine disaster or you suffered harm, find out how you can claim the financial support you need. Protect your rights, beginning by seeking the help of an experienced coal mine accident attorney.

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