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Distracted driving and a higher chance of motor vehicle accidents

Distracting driving has been a growing concern for responsible motorists and law enforcement personnel in West Virginia and across the country. Most people assume that distracted driving is related to the use of cell phones, but in reality, it encompasses a variety of dangerous behaviors. Some of the common behaviors that cause distracted driving motor vehicle accidents include talking to other passengers, adjusting the radio or even crying.

Recent studies have found that distracted driving may be even more dangerous than originally assumed. Over the course of three years, researchers studied data collected from 3,500 different drivers. They also studied 1,600 crashes, 905 of these being more severe. An analysis of the data indicated that of the 905 severe crashes, 68 percent were caused by some type of distraction.

In West Virginia and elsewhere, young drivers are particularly prone to distracted driving. Other behaviors that could compromise the safety of drivers, no matter their age, include reading, writing, fatigue, reaching for an object or use of any device with a touch screen. Researchers have concluded that distracted driving is just a dangerous as drunk or drugged driving.

It is hoped that laws and technology can eventually curtail the growing problem of distraction on roads across the country. In the meantime, those who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents caused by a distracted driver may take steps to protect their rights. When drivers cause harm because of reckless or negligent behavior on the road, an experienced lawyer can fight to ensure they are held accountable for injuries and damages.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Distracted Drivers Are Even More Dangerous Than You Thought“, Carolyn Gregoire, Feb. 24, 2016

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