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Personal injury claim an option after a slip-and-fall accident

When a person suffers physical harm due to the negligent or reckless actions of another person, that may be grounds for a civil claim against the liable party. This also includes incidents of slip-and-fall accidents in which people are harmed by dangerous property conditions. After this type of accident, a victim has the right to explore the viability of a potential personal injury claim. 

There are many reasons why slip-and-fall accidents happen in West Virginia. One of the main reasons includes wet floors, particularly those in stores and restaurants in high-traffic areas. Public places, when possible, should clean floors during hours when there is less foot traffic. Additionally, a wet-floor sign should be placed in clear view. Unnecessary risks, such as mopping a restaurant floor during the lunch rush, could lead to a personal injury incident. 

It is the responsibility of West Virginia property owners to ensure that floors are properly maintained by routinely checking the premises. Loose tiles, temporary displays in stores and even ladders used by employees should be identified as risks and removed from public areas as soon as possible. Failure to do this may be considered negligent maintenance. 

It is particularly frustrating when a person suffers unnecessary harm because of the neglect of another party. Slip-and-fall accident victims should seek help from a legal team who will take their personal injury case seriously. Dangerous premises can lead to pain and suffering, but, fortunately, victims have the right to ensure that the liable parties are held accountable for resulting damages.

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