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Magnetic boards, sweaters may lead to products liability claims

Consumers in West Virginia may be affected by a few product recalls issued recently. The products said to have defects include dry erase boards and magnetic boards, children’s sweaters and wall ovens. People who end up getting hurt due to using defective products have the right to file products liability claims against the manufacturers of the products.

Over three million dry erase boards and magnetic boards have been recalled due to having metal edges that can cause cuts. The sharp edges are located on the back of these boards and can easily be exposed while a person is removing one of the mounted boards. There have been seven reports regarding cuts to feet, fingers and hands as a result of the sharp edges, with four of them requiring stitches.

Children’s sweaters by the company Kyber Outerwear are also being recalled because the neck area of the hooded sweater has a drawstring that may cause strangulation. More than 3,000 of the animal-themed sweaters have been recalled. No strangulation incidents have been reported.

When people in West Virginia are injured after using a product with a defect, they may choose to try to hold the product manufacturer accountable through products liability claims. They may pursue the reimbursement of damages sustained from using the product, including medical costs and even the loss of wages if the injury was severe enough to keep them from being able to work for a time. Financial restitution, based upon a showing of negligence, may also help to address emotional distress stemming from the use of the dangerous product.

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