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Train accident victims may consider personal injury claims

West Virginia residents are likely aware of a recent accident involving an Amtrak train that left 55 victims injured and several train cars derailed. The passenger train collided with a tractor-trailer as the truck was crossing the railroad track. Although the out-of-state accident is still under investigation, victims who suffered because of this collision may consider seeking personal injury compensation. 

At the time of the collision, the tractor-trailer was attempting to cross the tracks. It was an unusually long truck and was being escorted by the highway patrol, as required. The driver hesitated to cross quickly due to a sharp turn immediately past the tracks, eventually running out of time to move out of the train’s path.

West Virginia readers will note that no criminal charges have been filed as a result of this accident. However, that does not eliminate the possibility of injured passengers filing civil claims. Drivers who are found to have contributed to accidents through negligence may be held financially liable for damages sustained in those accidents, even if they are not charged with a criminal offense.

Although the victims of this train accident are all reported as being in stable condition, some may still have injuries that, although non-life threatening, will result in the need for extensive medical treatment or physical therapy and that may require them to take time away from work as they recover. Fortunately, personal injury claims can provide victims of accidents like this one with compensation. That compensation can assist accident victims as they attempt to recover from their injuries.

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