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Motor vehicle accidents may be related to poor road conditions

When road conditions are poor, it can increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents, especially in bad weather conditions. A recent traffic incident on Route 62 in Putnam County has caused local residents to wonder if road conditions along the busy stretch of road has increased the risk of motor vehicle accidents. West Virginia law enforcement has stated that, rather than road conditions, this particular accident was caused by weather.

One person died and another five people suffered injuries. It has been said that the bottom of a hill, where the accident took place, has been showing signs of wear and tear for quite some time. Local Department of Transportation workers have said that the work required to repair the section of the road is too much for their local department, but it has been passed along to the state authorities. 

Although the section of the road is a high-traffic area, authorities have acknowledged that this project is not a high priority at this time. It is not immediately clear if any evidence directly connects the cause of the accident to the condition of the road, but victims may seek a legal opinion regarding the possibility of a civil claim against the entities responsible for road conditions. If there is validating evidence proving that the accident was caused by these conditions, victims could be eligible for financial compensation. 

Injured victims or families of those who have died in motor vehicle accidents have the right to seek financial recovery for damages that they have sustained. This can include medical bills, lost wages from missed work and emotional duress. When a West Virginia resident suffers because of conditions beyond his or her control, a civil claim may be a reasonable course of action.

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