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Talks focus on preventing coal mine accidents in West Virginia

In West Virginia, the mining industry plays a significant role in the employment of residents and is an integral part of the state’s economy. This type of occupation, however, can pose a great number of safety risks to employees. It is necessary to attempt to prevent coal mine accidents because without the proper safety precautions, workers could become seriously injured or even killed.

Because mining can pose such hazards to workers, the Mining Safety and Health Administration, or MSHA, is looking to have discussions at mines across the country. It was reported that in recent months there have been a considerable number of mining-related deaths. As a result, MSHA is hoping to remind workers and employers about the importance of mine safety and to bring attention to the fatalities.

These planned discussions are set to touch upon safety training importance, accident avoidance and issues that could lead to fatalities on the job. Though these talks will hopefully help individuals in this profession be more readily able to avoid accidents, MSHA inspectors will still be visiting and examining mines to ensure the safety of those individuals at the worksite. If violations are found, employers could potentially face penalties.

Employers and workers should do what they can to avoid coal mine accidents because serious injuries could so easily occur. If a mine worker is injured or killed on the job, that individual or the miner’s family could potentially qualify for workers’ compensation. If parties are interested in learning whether their or their loved one’s involvement in an injury-causing workplace accident could entitle them to benefits, information on workers’ compensation in West Virginia could provide the needed knowledge.

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