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West Virginia coal mine accidents result in lawsuit

Injuries at a place of work can be burdensome to the people who suffer from them. In some work environments in West Virginia, people are taking physical risks for coal mine accidents simply by coming to work. It is important that employers provide a safe workplace to protect the workers as much as possible. A couple has filed a lawsuit against several companies due to an on-the-job accident.

Two people, who are also a couple, filed a claim against several companies, including Affinity Coal and United Coal. According to the lawsuit, the employee was working at the Affinity Mine when the work accident happened. He was reportedly hit in the knee by a come-along. No other details surrounding the accident have been reported, but the couple claims that the company’s negligence caused the injury.

The plaintiffs are requesting judgment for the recovery of medical costs and lost wages. They are also requesting judgment for permanent disability and loss of earning capacity. Furthermore, the plaintiff allegedly suffers from fear and psychological issues. The suit also includes punitive and compensatory damages, but the amount has not been specified.

Coal mine accidents are usually damaging to people who experience them. In this case, the worker who was injured suffered injuries that are both temporary and permanent to the extent that he may have lost his ability to earn future income. In addition, he may be subjected to long-term rehabilitation expenses. The civil court system in West Virginia may award the damages the plaintiffs are requesting if evidence deems the company responsible for the employee’s injuries.

Source: West Virginia Record, “Mine injury leads to lawsuit“, Melody Dareing, March 31, 2014

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