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Auto deaths hit a 16-year high

Ever since the car was invented, there have been increased risks for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. But a recent study shows that the last year was incredibly problematic, with a dramatic increase in traffic deaths.

Specifically, traffic deaths in 2021 increased to more than 42,900. Reports had already shown that there was an increase in fatalities in 2020, but this new report detailed more than a 10% increase even over that total. As a result, it is the highest level of traffic deaths recorded in the United States since 2005.

The trend is now clear

When the report came out last year showing that traffic deaths increased, it was already causing concern. People were not on the road as much and many businesses were closed down, so it was surprising to see that fatalities had increased. There was some hope that it was a fluke and that they would go back to the usual trend of decreasing the next year.

However, seeing the numbers coming from 2021 makes it very clear that the trend is only moving upward. Will that continue through 2022? Could reaching a 16-year high just be the beginning? It’s too soon to tell, but it’s obvious that the roads are getting more dangerous in America, and that’s definitely worth noting.

What options do you have?

Simply understanding the risks that you face doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to avoid accidents. Other drivers make mistakes all the time, whether it’s driving impaired or texting and driving. If you do get injured or if you lose a loved one, be sure you know what legal options you have. 

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