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Daydreaming is a major cause of car accidents

You may assume that it’s typically obvious when a driver is distracted. Maybe you pulled up next to someone at a stoplight and they were clearly looking down at their phone. Maybe you watched someone drift off the side of the road and you could tell that they were trying to control an unrestrained pet or turning around to talk to their children.

These types of distractions are very serious and they cause car accidents all the time. But it’s important to know that distractions aren’t always this obvious and a driver could even appear to be paying attention when they aren’t. If they’re daydreaming, they are experiencing one of the most common types of distraction that is a major cause of serious car accidents.

Have you ever forgotten a trip?

If you feel like someone would never become so lost in thought that they would cause an accident, think about times when you may not remember the trip that you were just involved in. People will often say that they “zoned out” or that they were just thinking about something else while driving. They know that they arrived safely, and they remember getting in the car, but they don’t remember the drive at all.

This can happen without resulting in an accident, but it shows you just how disconnected your mind can be from the physical task of driving the car. You could be thinking about work, family life or something as simple as a song or a TV show. Once your mind is locked on that topic instead of driving, it can be so distracting that you don’t even remember the trip.

Have you been injured?

If you get hit by a driver who is distracted or daydreaming, and you suffer serious injuries, you may be able to seek compensation for your medical bills or other costs. Experienced legal guidance can help you get what you’re rightfully due.

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