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Distracted driving often to blame in motor vehicle accidents

Distracted driving comes in numerous forms, all of which can lead to disaster. Those who divide their attention between unnecessary actions and the task at hand are often incapable of safely operating a vehicle, thus increasing the potential for dangerous motor vehicle accidents to occur. A recent accident in West Virginia under similar circumstances ended with six individuals being transported to local hospitals.

According to authorities, the accident in question took place in a construction zone on Interstate 79. Five vehicles were involved in the accident, four of which were reportedly proceeding slowly through the zone when the fifth suddenly slammed into one of them, resulting a multiple-vehicle collision. Police assert that the driver of the fifth vehicle was preoccupied with something in the back seat at the time of the collision.

Six individuals in total were taken to the hospital following the incident, two of which were children. Similar accidents often lead to serious injuries, which along with potentially causing a great deal of pain and suffering, can create various financial hardships as well. Those who are the victim of a similar incident may often wish to pursue compensation, but they might be uncertain how to proceed.

Distracted drivers have been the cause of countless motor vehicle accidents over the years. When a person is seriously injured by such negligence, he or she could choose to seek accountability through a personal injury claim, potentially spurring a need for assistance for the road ahead. When facing similar circumstances, a person in West Virginia could speak with an experience attorney for guidance and assistance in navigating the process.

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