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Personal injury lawsuit filed for claims of tainted bottled water

West Virginia consumers buy food and drink products based on their perception of how the items should taste. It is quite a surprise when the product does not satisfy the taste buds the way it is supposed to, and finding altered substances can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. A man has filed a personal injury suit because he claims some bottled water he drank contained chemicals comparable to those used in window cleaner.

The man claims he and his wife bought at least one case of Sam’s Choice bottled water from Walmart just over two years ago. The day of purchase, he opened a sealed bottle and drank several sips of the water. He experienced burns on his mouth and tongue as well as stomach ulcers and kidney damage. Some of his injuries were temporary, but some of the damage was permanent. Three other bottles in the case were found to have the same chemicals mixed with the water.

The man’s lawsuit has been filed against Walmart Stores Inc. and Premium Waters Inc., the bottling company for the Sam’s Choice brand. A report on the case did not specify the total amount of punitive and compensatory damages he is seeking, but the amount is based on past and anticipated future medical bills, loss of income and loss of happiness. The lawsuit was filed just days before the two year statute of limitations had been met.

A personal injury lawsuit can be filed by anyone who feels they have suffered harm because of the negligence of another party, whether the harm was intentional or not. If the defendant is found to be legally responsible for the injury, he or she will be expected to pay the amount awarded. West Virginia residents who need representation because of injury at the hand of another will want someone who will work swiftly to get the deserved compensation.

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