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West Virginia Personal Injury Law Blog

Flawed defibrillators may lead to products liability lawsuits

Companies are responsible for the manufacturing and testing of a multitude of medical devices each year. These devices are used to assist in the treatment of various medical conditions and are often crucial to the overall health of a patient. If one of these devices is defective, the subsequent harm to person's health can be catastrophic. If a company in West Virginia fails to warn a patient of possible defects, it could soon be facing a products liability lawsuit.

Recent reports of battery issues in defibrillators issued by Abbott, a medical device maker, have raised numerous concerns. Abbott in question continued to ship the devices even after allegations of rapid battery depletion. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, these issues were discovered prior to the shipment of several defibrillators, even after a recall for the devices had been issued.

Collision involving tractor-trailer leads to wrongful death of 4

Many companies across the country use tractor-trailers to transport materials from place to place. These particular vehicles have numerous capabilities, from the ability to carry heavy loads to the possible capacity of storing and transporting frozen goods. However, there is a possible downside to the size of similar vehicles, with collisions involving a semi often ending in catastrophe. An accident in West Virginia under similar circumstances recently led to the apparent wrongful death of four individuals in a minivan.

Authorities have indicated that there were four people inside the van at the time of the collision, two adults and two children. According to reports, the truck was traveling south when the driver apparently lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic. The truck hit the minivan before overturning and apparently bursting into flames. All four people in the van were pronounced dead following the crash.

Running stop signs can lead to fatal motor vehicle accidents

When individuals choose to ride in a car as passengers, they are putting their safety in the hands of another person. These individuals often have no control over the driver's decisions, which has caused many of them to suffer in dangerous motor vehicle accidents. If the driver of the car fails to obey traffic laws, the safety of everyone in the vehicle may be at risk. A recent accident under similar circumstances claimed the lives of two women in West Virginia.

According to authorities, the two women were passengers in a car that was headed north on State Route 10. Initial investigation suggests that the driver of the car ran through a stop sign and collided with a nearby truck. While the driver is apparently in stable condition at the hospital, both passengers were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Reportedly, no one in the truck was injured.

Coal mine accidents claim another life after rock collapses

Coal miners across the country are often forced to face various dangers on the job. Mining companies in West Virginia have made a great deal of progress concerning the safety of employees, but there are still some risks involved in this particular field. While deaths in coal mine accidents have reduced significantly over the years, tragic accidents do occur. A recent accident in another state recently claimed the life of a 33-year-old man.

The man was reportedly performing maintenance on an augur when a large section of exposed rock suddenly fell on top of him. He was killed in the process, in what is listed as the state's second mining death of the year. Reportedly, the state in question only had two mining deaths last year overall.

Motor vehicle accidents often end in serious injury or worse

Many individuals across the country choose automobiles as their favored means of travel. This type of transportation offers many comforts to an individual travelling from place to place, but there are some risks involved. A driver may choose to strictly adhere to traffic laws in an attempt to safely reach his or her destination, but some motor vehicle accidents are out of a person's control. A recent collision has injured three people and claimed the life of another in West Virginia.

According to police, a mini-van was travelling late one evening when it was suddenly struck by an SUV. The driver of the SUV reportedly lost control of the vehicle prior to the incident. Both individuals in the SUV were rushed to the hospital following the crash. The driver of the van was also taken in for medical treatment; however, the passenger died at the scene.

Coal mine accidents focus of new proposed legislation

Years ago, workplace accidents were a common occurrence. An individual went to work in one of the West Virginia coal mines knowing that there was a possibility an accident would occur and he would not make it out. Fortunately, times and working conditions have changed. However, every year, coal mine accidents do claim lives throughout the state.

Currently, there are both state and federal regulations in place to help keep miners safe. These regulations cover areas such as fire safety, ventilation as well as how accidents are investigated. However, even with these regulations, West Virginia continues to lead the country in coal mine deaths with a total of four deaths in 2016 and two so far in 2017.

Head-on motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia often deadly

Many individuals are seriously injured by negligent drivers every year. In some cases, motor vehicle accidents of this nature can turn deadly. No matter how safe a person is while driving, the negligence of another party can put his or her health at risk. A recent accident in West Virginia left one hospitalized and another dead after a car crossed into oncoming traffic.

According to a preliminary investigation, a man crossed the center lane while driving and hit another car. Both drivers were trapped in their vehicles after the collision. Once freed from his car, the man was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. The driver of the other car was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Woman files products liability lawsuit after implant failed

Many individuals across the country have had a medical device implanted to assist with a health condition. When forced to undergo a similar procedure, patients in West Virginia expect the device to be safe and to function properly. A faulty device can cause a medical condition to deteriorate and in some cases create new issues in the process. A woman in another state recently filed a products liability claim against a company, alleging that her hip joint implant stopped working prematurely.

The woman was forced to undergo hip replacement surgery and was fitted with an implant. She claims that after some time the device began to fail, and she started having hip and groin pain. She was then forced to go through another hip replacement surgery. She claims to have suffered severe physical and mental anguish in the process.

Response time crucial for coal mine accidents in West Virginia

Certain professions are considered to be more hazardous than others, often requiring strict safety protocols to reduce the chance of a workplace injury. For companies in West Virginia, properly training employees in these procedures is imperative, especially for coal miners. Unfortunately, coal mine accidents still occur, often resulting in serious injury to anyone involved. A miner suffered several broken bones in a recent accident in another state.

The accident occurred several miles underground where a man was pinned between the head of a mining machine and a wall. He suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to the hospital for treatment. Upon examination, the machine was found to be in proper working condition, and the area was not deemed hazardous. The area has been closed off while further investigation into the accident is underway.

Motor vehicle accidents on interstates can end in serious injury

When an accident occurs on an interstate, the results are often catastrophic. With many drivers traveling at high rates of speed, motor vehicle accidents of this nature can end in serious injury to anyone involved. Even if a person is aware of surroundings, reacting to a fast moving car can be difficult. Eight people were injured in a recent collision on Interstate 81 in West Virginia.

It occurred when a northbound car crossed the median into a southbound lane and hit the back end of a tractor-trailer. The truck was able to reach the side of the road shortly after, but two additional car drivers were unable to avoid a collision. Seven people involved in the crash were rushed to the hospital for treatment after the incident. One other person was also taken to a medical center, but his or her injuries were not considered serious.

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