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West Virginia Personal Injury Law Blog

Wrongful death: Collision claims life of 34-year-old woman

Head-on collisions can be some of the most dangerous accidents a person might experience, each of which runs the risk of ending in serious injuries, or worse. Many families in West Virginia and elsewhere have lost someone close under similar circumstances, in some cases at the hands of a negligent driver. Those forced to endure the loss of a loved one due to negligence could choose to seek guidance in pursuing restitution through a wrongful death claim.

Just after 4 p.m. on a recent Monday in West Virginia, a 19-year-old man was approaching a curve in the road when he suddenly lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle then proceeded to cross into oncoming traffic and hit another head-on. Although the man did not suffer serious injuries in the process, the 34-year-old driver that he hit was pronounced dead at the scene.

Fatal coal mine accidents surpass numbers from previous year

Coal mining deaths across the country have already surpassed numbers from the previous year, which some consider cause for concern. With the inherent risks of working in and around coal mines, companies in West Virginia and elsewhere are constantly developing new strategies to increase employee safety. Unfortunately, despite advancements in workplace safety procedures and equipment, coal mine accidents continue to be a significant issue.

In response to such alarming numbers, the United States Mine Safety and Health Administration recently initiated a campaign to promote workplace safety. In the initiative, it has been sending out representatives to evaluate work habits and speak with companies and workers about safety procedures. Similar measures could be crucial to preventing such tragic accidents, perhaps especially since reports list that the majority of deaths occurred among miners with less than one year of experience in the field.

Woman accuses medical facility of negligence and wrongful death

Individuals in West Virginia and across the country who are forced to undergo surgical procedures often rely on medical professionals to have adequate knowledge and skills to safely perform their operations. However, some may not be given this level of care, and negligence can do a great deal of harm to the health of a patient, or worse. A woman recently filed a lawsuit against a medical facility, claiming its negligence led to the wrongful death of her husband.

The lawsuit asserts that the woman's husband was scheduled to undergo kidney removal surgery, during which he reportedly developed a saddle embolus. The man passed away just three days later from a pulmonary embolism. The woman claims that this condition was the result of negligence on the part of the facility, and is seeking damages accordingly.

Wrongful death: West Virginia man dies in head-on collision

A fatal accident has reportedly claimed the life of a 37-year-old man in West Virginia. Motor vehicle accidents can be dangerous incidents that threaten the safety of everyone involved, perhaps especially when one vehicle hits another head-on. Many families have experienced loss under similar circumstances, some of which may choose to pursue restitution through a wrongful death lawsuit.

According to reports, the accident took place around 11:30 a.m. on a recent Thursday when the driver of a box truck suddenly lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic. After crossing the median, the truck slammed into another vehicle, and the two vehicles proceeded to spin out before coming to a rest. The box truck apparently ended up leaning on top of the other vehicle, and a man was trapped inside while awaiting emergency responders.

Failure to yield often a factor in motor vehicle accidents

Collisions are a common occurrence in many parts of the country, and have led to the serious injury of many individuals over the years. Regardless of how they happen, motor vehicle accidents often have the potential to end in disaster. A woman was recently airlifted to the hospital following an accident that took place in West Virginia.

According to authorities, the two-vehicle accident took place at an intersection just after 1 p.m. on a recent Monday. Although the incident is still under investigation, police believe that the driver of one of the vehicles may have failed to yield the right of way to the other. While one of the drivers was not injured, the other was reportedly flown to the hospital shortly thereafter, though further word on her condition was not reported. 

Distracted driving often to blame in motor vehicle accidents

Distracted driving comes in numerous forms, all of which can lead to disaster. Those who divide their attention between unnecessary actions and the task at hand are often incapable of safely operating a vehicle, thus increasing the potential for dangerous motor vehicle accidents to occur. A recent accident in West Virginia under similar circumstances ended with six individuals being transported to local hospitals.

According to authorities, the accident in question took place in a construction zone on Interstate 79. Five vehicles were involved in the accident, four of which were reportedly proceeding slowly through the zone when the fifth suddenly slammed into one of them, resulting a multiple-vehicle collision. Police assert that the driver of the fifth vehicle was preoccupied with something in the back seat at the time of the collision.

High speed motor vehicle accidents often prove deadly

Whether on their way to work or heading out on vacation, many individuals in West Virginia use interstates to cut down on travel time. Although these roads may provide a person with a more direct route to his or her destination, there could also be a certain level of risk involved. Motor vehicle accidents that occur on interstates generally occur at high rates of speed and are often deadly.

An accident occurred under similar circumstances just before 5 p.m. on a recent Tuesday, when an SUV reportedly crossed into an oncoming lane and struck another vehicle. According to police, the two vehicles were travelling at a combined speed of 140 miles per hour. Unfortunately, the incident claimed the lives of a passenger in the other vehicle and the driver of the SUV.

Products liability claim filed re IVC filter that pierces vein

Patients in West Virginia and elsewhere rely on the manufacturers of medical devices to properly test a product before it is released for use. These devices are used to treat countless medical conditions, many of which are implanted in a patient, even if only temporarily. A woman in another state has recently filed a products liability lawsuit against the manufacturers of a removable IVC filter.

The filter was implanted to assist in capturing and preventing potential blood clots from reaching her heart or lungs. Although the device was intended to be removable, the first attempt to do so revealed that it had become embedded in the wall of the vein. In addition, the device had apparently tilted, and several of its wires had pierced the vein.

Family members may suffer as well in fatal coal mine accidents

Many mining companies consider the safety and health of employees to be a top priority. However, there are some inherent risks involved within this field, and although less common than previous years, coal mine accidents continue to pose a serious threat. A recent accident in a mine in West Virginia reportedly resulted in the eighth mining death of the year in the U.S.

According to reports, the incident took place sometime before 9 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. A 32-year-old man was apparently involved in an accident while operating a continuous miner, and unfortunately, he died in the process. Although officials have reportedly initiated an investigation into the incident, no information was given as to what may have caused it to take place.

Woman and son awarded $15 million in products liability claim

Certain prescription drugs may have side-effects that a patient in West Virginia might want to be aware of before using them for treatment. However, in some cases the manufacturer of the drug might fail to inform doctors, or even patients, of any potential risks that could be involved. A woman in another state was recently awarded $15 million in a products liability lawsuit after her son suffered birth defects in relation to a drug she was taking while pregnant.

The woman was taking the medicine to treat bipolar disorder while pregnant, and claimed that neither she, nor her doctor, was informed of the risks involved. Her son, who is now 10, was born with birth defects as a result. The company AbbVie has apparently been the target of numerous claims under similar circumstances concerning the drug Depakote over recent years.

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