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Fracking in West Virginia has caused disruption to a number of communities. If not performed safely, this process can also cause injuries. At The Law Firm of Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler, PLLC, we represent people throughout the state in fracking injuries and related claims.

For decades, our team of attorneys has represented injured victims in personal injury claims. We are armed with skills, legal knowledge and have a proven track record that few law firms in the state can boast about. Our clients value the personal attention they receive from our Charleston lawyers, the quick responses to questions we offer, and the aggressive manner in which we pursue claims. At our firm, you have a strong advocate on your side at all times.

What Is Fracking?

Fracking is the process in which natural gas is extracted from shale rock. This is a rock bed that is deep in the earth, so this process is complicated. The process involves cracking the shale formations to release more natural gas that can then be used.

This process presents a number of threats to people in the community. It can bring harmful chemicals and gasses to ground surfaces, contaminate our lands and water, and make your property seem like a stressful place to be. At The Law Firm of Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler, PLLC, we fight back against fracking and make it a priority to help those in need.

Interesting Facts About Fracking

Fact #1 — In 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimated that 70 to 140 billion gallons of water are used to fracture 35,000 wells in the United States each year. This is approximately the annual water consumption of 40 to 80 cities each with a population of 50,000.

Fact #2 — Between 1 and 8 million gallons of water is used per frack job, and each well can be fracked up to 18 times.

Fact #3 — Fracking has brought rampant environmental and economic problems to rural communities. Accidents and leaks have polluted rivers, streams and drinking water supplies. Regions peppered with drilling rigs have high levels of smog as well as other airborne pollutants, including potential carcinogens. Rural communities face an onslaught of heavy truck traffic (often laden with dangerous chemicals used in drilling) and declining property values. Spills often occur and pollute farm and grazing land.

To read more interesting facts about fracking and more details about the process, read our Fracking Failures page.

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