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Free medical testing is now available to detect all C8 linked diseases.

If you are a qualified resident who drank Lubeck, Little Hocking, Belpre, Pomeroy, Tuppers Plains, or Mason County water, your free C8 blood test and free medical testing for C8 diseases is available now.

The independent C8 Science Panel has linked C8 exposure to cancer and other serious diseases.

The C8 class action settlement entitles you to request a free C8 blood test AND free doctor’s visit for medical testing to detect serious diseases that might be caused by your C8 exposure.

If you have not received, or have lost, the written medical monitoring notice that was sent to you, you may print it here.

If you are a medical provider, participation details are available through HealthSmart.

To sign up for your free C8 blood test and medical examination, or acquire additional information about the free program, call 1-888-499-2553, or go to C8medicalmonitoringprogram.com.

Medical Monitoring Definition, Qualification, and Protocols

By order of the Wood County Circuit Court, a class action was certified for the benefit of persons directly impacted by C-8 water contamination emanating from the local DuPont Washington Works plant in Wood County. Those people are the beneficiaries of the class action settlement (Leach et al v. E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company) in the Circuit Court of Wood County, West Virginia at Parkersburg. Two West Virginia law firms and one Ohio firm are the only law firms designated as class counsel to represent the affected persons. Those law firms are Hill Peterson Carper Bee & Deitzler PLLC of Charleston, WV, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP of Cincinnati, OH, and Winter & Johnson PLLC (formerly Winter Johnson & Hill PLLC) of Charleston, WV.

You are, or are not, a class member based upon the court’s order which created the class. It is not necessary for class members to “join” the class action, and it is not possible for persons outside the class member definition to claim class member benefits. The court’s order provides that all persons who were provided water by any of the six affected water districts (or specified wells within those districts, including DuPont’s Washington Works Plant) for a year or more prior to December 4, 2004, are automatically members of the class action for which the above three law firms were appointed by the court to be class counsel. (The only exceptions to mandatory class membership are individuals who chose to “opt out” of the class action within the original timeframe as allowed by the court before the final settlement was approved.) The affected water districts are: Little Hocking, Belpre, Tuppers Plains, and Pomeroy in Ohio, and Lubeck and Mason County in West Virginia.

In October, 2012, the C-8 Science Panel concluded its probable link findings which determine whether or not and individual has the right to pursue a claim for damages under the class action umbrella. The probable link reports of the C-8 Science Panel conclusively determine whether or not C-8 can cause the linked disease insofar as Class Members are concerned.

Many class members who suffered from diseases linked to C8 exposure have already contacted us, returned a client contract, and filed their lawsuits with our assistance. If you believe that you may be affected by a C-8 related disease diagnosed within the past two years, but have not yet contacted us, you may do so through our online form or by telephone.

Most lawsuits were filed in the Circuit Court of Wood County (where the offending DuPont facility is located. DuPont lawyers subsequently filed paperwork to move the cases into federal court and transfer the claims to the United States Federal District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. All cases filed from this point forward will be transferred to that court for consolidated exchange of information between the parties and consistent rulings.

Aside from the compensation claims that we are pursuing for our qualified clients, all class members in the affected water districts are now entitled to free medical monitoring (testing) that an independent panel of medical experts (the C8 Medical Panel) has deemed appropriate to watch for signs of C-8 related disease. Because Dupont put the dangerous chemical in your water without your permission or knowledge, all such medical monitoring will be paid for by Dupont. More information regarding the court-approved C8 Medical Panel, its protocols, and the current medical monitoring program is available on this site or on the C-8 Medical Monitoring Program website.

The development of general guidelines for Medical Monitoring is mandated by Section 12.3.2 of the Class Action Settlement Agreement. The guidelines are important to our clients who are Class Members as defined in the Class Action. Each of those individuals who consumed water from one of the Class Action included water sources (contaminated by DuPont’s C8) now have the right to periodic medical testing, paid for by DuPont, to detect whether or not the Class Member may contract one or more of the DuPont C8/PFOA linked diseases.

The initial Medical Monitoring Protocols were developed by the C-8 Medical Panel and are summarized in the final medical monitoring documents made available to the class on September 2, 2014. The comprehensive new medical monitoring program encompasses initial screening and diagnostic testing protocols including a free C8 blood test, a free in-person doctor visit, a free cholesterol test and other free tests and procedures to detect the early onset of the six diseases linked to C8 exposure. The Medical Panel has noted the potential need for future screening (monitoring) and related testing, the details of which are deferred to a future Medical Panel report.

In the meantime, the Medical Panel has released interim guidance clarifying the availability of follow-up tests for Class Members, such as when certain new warning symptoms develop. Those guidance documents can be found here:

Medical Panel Guidance (9/20/14)

Medical Panel Guidance (1/8/15)

Related to the need for future monitoring regarding DuPont C-8 linked diseases, the Medical Panel recommended that the Director of the Medical Monitoring Program be charged to develop a mechanism to gather relevant data on implementation and findings of the Medical Monitoring Protocol which will be used to evaluate whether to change the Medical Monitoring Program in the future.

The Medical Panel also created educational materials to help inform Class Members about the benefits and harms of screening (in addition to discussions that the Class Members should have with their regular physician or other health professional), which materials are being sent to class members and are available on the C8 Medical Monitoring Program website.

Program Administration

Neither Hill Peterson Carper Bee & Deitzler nor our co-counsel have any control over medical monitoring or its related payments. _______________________________________________________________________

The following documents related to the Medical Monitoring Program are available below:

Order Appointing Director of Medical Monitoring and Utilization of Brookmar, Inc. (11/20/12)

Order Regarding May 1, 2014 Status hearing (5/19/14)

Director’s Interim Status Report (9/9/14)

Director’s Status Report (11/21/14)

Plaintiffs Class Counsel’s Response to Director’s 11/21/14 Status Report (11/26/14)

Director’s Response (12/10/14)

Director’s Invoices through 2/1/17

Director’s Status Report (1/21/15)

Director’s Status Report (2/09/15)

Director’s Status Report (4-21-15)

Director’s Status Report (5-4-15)

Director’s Status Report (5-18-15)

Director’s Status Report (6-1-15)

Director’s Status Report (6-15-15)

Director’s Status Report (7-13-15)

Total Services Approved for Payment (7-15-15)

Weekly Summary Report (7-17-15)

Director’s Status Report (7-27-15)

Director’s Status Report (9-21-15)

Director’s Status Report (10-5-15)

Director’s Status Report (11-16-15)

Director’s Status Report (11-30-15)

Director’s Status Report (12-14-15)

Director’s Status Report (2-1-16)

Director’s Status Report (3-28-16)

Director’s Status Report (4-25-16)

Director’s Status Report (5-9-16)

Director’s Status Report (5-23-16)

Director’s Status Report (7-1-16)

Director’s Status Report (8-15-16)

Director’s Status Report (8-29-16)

Director’s Status Report (9-12-16)

Director’s Status Report (9-26-16)

Director’s Status Report (10-11-16)

Director’s Status Report (11-7-16)

Director’s Status Report (12-5-16)

Director’s Status Report (12-19-16)

Director’s Status Report (1-17-17)

Director’s Status Report (1-30-17)

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