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Focus on I-64 during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Tennessee and across the United States. Local safety organizations fund numerous advertising campaigns and public awareness initiatives to help maximize motorcycle rider safety as more two-wheeled vehicles take to the road during the warmer part of the year.

Motorcycle riders in the greater Charleston area could have a host of safety issues to focus on during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Selecting one safety concern to prioritize can help people better internalize new safety practices. Being especially careful on I-64 could be a smart move for those who want to avoid severe motorcycle collisions.

I-64 features many preventable crashes

Roads with higher speed limits and more traffic are generally more dangerous for all types of vehicles. Motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to crashes caused by drivers not paying attention to their surroundings, which is common when rush hour traffic stresses people out due to congestion.

Motorcycles are all too easy for those in bigger vehicles to overlook as they speed or maneuver aggressively in heavy traffic. Stressful traffic conditions can also lead to motorcycle riders making mistakes. I-64 west of Charleston sees numerous serious motorcycle collisions, many of which lead to severe injury for the motorcycle riders involved.

Motorcycle collisions are quite common on I-64 and often end up shutting down highway traffic temporarily after they occur. The I-64, I-77 split is often a high-risk area for riders and drivers. The bridge on I-64 also sees many collisions that can affect the flow of traffic. Riders don’t necessarily need to stay off of I-64 altogether, but they do need to be aware of how driving on that busy road might increase their risk of a crash caused by those in bigger vehicles.

Giving others more space and monitoring traffic more carefully could protect someone from a motorcycle crash on I-64 and other busy streets. Especially early in the season, when drivers may not actively watch for motorcycles, extra caution could potentially save someone from a crash. Riders who are proactive about safety can reduce their chances of a wreck and make it easier to seek compensation after one because they won’t share any fault such incidents, should they occur.

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