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Did a defective product injure you?

When you turn on the evening news, you may hear various product recalls from time to time. You may also receive notifications online or in your email from the manufacturer of an item you purchased. 

Recalls are issued when a product is found to be defective. Three basic defects may spur a recall and cause an injury to a consumer. These include:

  • Defective warnings
  • Defects of design
  • Manufacturing defects

Defective warnings

It’s required that marketers properly and carefully label products they offer for sale. The goal is to reduce the possibility of danger. If there’s a product that doesn’t properly warn about its dangers, it’s considered a defect. 

Design defects

In some situations, the designer and manufacturer of a product are not the same. A design is considered defective if it creates an unreasonable risk of injury when the product is being used as intended. 

Manufacturing defects

A manufacturing defect is a problem that occurs while the item is being built. This could be the use of subpar materials or improper installation techniques, among other things. 

Did you suffer an injury from a defective product?

Determining if a product defect caused your injury can be tricky. It’s up to you, with the help of your attorney, to prove that it was the defect that injured you and shows what injuries it caused. 

Remember, many products cause serious injuries and even fatalities to consumers every year. While some just take their injuries and deal with them themselves, this isn’t necessary. It may be possible for you to recover compensation from the product marker, designer or manufacturer. Failure to do this may even lead to other people being injured down the road. 

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