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The risks of driving with children in the car

Parents generally don’t think twice before loading their children into the vehicle and going to school or running errands. What many parents don’t realize is that having their children in the car can be a big distraction. It’s imperative that parents take steps to remain safe while they drive.

One of the most unsafe things that parents can do is try to reach back while they’re driving. This type of movement means that focus shifts away from the road and could lead to the car swerving. Outlined below are some tips that may help parents stay safe when driving with children. 

Plan ahead

Try to think of what you’ll need so you can get to your destination safely. This could mean making sure your children have a snack and use the bathroom before you leave home. You can also plan for quiet activities for them to do while you drive. Just remember to keep things age-appropriate so they won’t need help from you.

Take a break if needed

If there are things that are completely distracting or that need to be taken care of right away, pull your vehicle over as soon as it’s safe to do so. You can then take care of the problem before getting back on the road.

Unfortunately, even if you’re driving safely, another driver could be distracted. If you’re injured in a crash caused by a driver who’s distracted or negligent, you and your children could suffer harm. Be sure that everyone gets the required medical care. You can opt to pursue a claim for compensation to help cover the costs related to the injuries. West Virginia law limits how long you can do this after the wreck, so get things moving quickly. You will be able to focus on recovery if you work with someone familiar with these cases. 

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