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Are drunk driving accidents about to spike?

Drinking around the holiday season is very common. Experts point out that alcohol consumption and the Christmas or New Year’s holidays are closely linked in the United States, and so drinking may increase.

There are a few reasons for this. For a lot of people, drinking is just part of the celebratory atmosphere of the holidays, and they do it to have a good time and relax with their family. For others, the holidays may be a hard or difficult time to get through, and they may drink a bit more as a coping mechanism. While this is not recommended, it is something that people may do, even if they don’t make a conscious decision to do so.

This could lead to increased drunk driving

As you can imagine, an increase in social drinking for whatever reason can lead to an increase in drunk driving people. People may be driving from the house to a social gathering with friends and family, where they’re going to consume alcohol and then drive home. Or they may be heading out to the bar to meet with friends. College students will be home for the winter break, and they may want to drink with friends they haven’t seen all year.

Even if you do not drink and drive over the holiday season, you have to share the road with a lot of people who may do just that. One of them could cause a car wreck that leaves you with serious injuries right around the holidays. If this happens, it’s crucial that you understand all of the legal options you have to seek financial compensation for medical bills and other costs.

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