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The holidays come with increased delivery driver crash risks

It takes months of preparations to make the holidays happen not just for your family but across the country. Individual families may start buying presents and planning meals weeks ahead of time, but businesses also have to start preparing their staffing and stock for holiday demand levels. 

Although people have long relied on local retailers for their Christmas gifts, that has begun to change. More than ever before, holiday shopping takes place online and requires the delivery of a package. All of the extra deliveries during December and November put everyone in the public at risk of a crash with a delivery driver.

Delivery drivers are on a very tight schedule

Driving safely requires focusing on road conditions, and delivery drivers often don’t have that luxury. They are subject to constant monitoring and need to follow a different route every day as they try to deliver hundreds of packages during a single shift. Often, to meet their work expectations, they will have to compromise their safety practices. 

Overworked delivery drivers may park their vehicles in unsafe places, get distracted by navigation software or abruptly try to turn around because they missed a delivery location, any of which could cause a serious collision. 

People hurt in crashes caused by delivery drivers making unpredictable maneuvers or leaving their idling delivery vehicles in unsafe places may be able to make an insurance claim or possibly even file a civil lawsuit against the driver or their employer. 

Watching carefully for delivery vehicles could help you limit your chances of getting hurt in a crash this holiday season. Knowing your rights can help you hold a driver or their employer accountable for the impact of their mistake on your life. 

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