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3 kinds of damages you can seek in a wrongful death claim

| Oct 24, 2021 | Wrongful Death |

The unexpected death of a loved one will impact many areas of your life. It will likely cause severe emotional turmoil for you and other members of your immediate family. Your loss will likely also have economic consequences. 

Wrongful death lawsuits in West Virginia allow surviving family members to pursue justice for their loved ones and minimize the long-term financial impact of their loss. What are some of the losses that you can claim in a West Virginia wrongful death lawsuit?

The lost income from your loved one

The surviving family members of someone who died because of another person’s negligence or misconduct will lose out on years of that individual’s income. Your family can seek compensation for all of the wages that your loved one would have earned and the benefits their employment would have provided to your family.

Medical expenses and funeral costs

The death of your loved one will likely produce actual bills that your family has to pay. It is common for people to receive emergency transportation to the hospital even if their injuries are untreatable. In circumstances where treatment kept your loved one alive temporarily but could not save their life, you could have thousands of dollars in medical bills. There are also funeral expenses to consider. You can claim both of those categories of expenses in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The loss of services and support you suffer

Your loved one provided certain forms of social support and guidance to people in your family. They also likely engaged in maintenance, repairs and unpaid work around the house. Whether they changed the oil in your car or watched the children while you worked, your loved one’s household services likely represent thousands of dollars in costs if you would have needed to hire someone else to do that work. 

Understanding what losses you can claim can help you take action after losing your loved one dies in a tragic wrongful death scenario.

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